Current Projects

Check for road construction updates

Other Upcoming 2018 Projects

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects
Regional Bike Counters

Jessen Multiuse Path: Ohio Street to Beltline

Amazon Active Corridor: Martin St to 33rd Ave

NE Livable Streets: Multiple Roadways

Ongoing Transportation Planning Processes
Park Projects
Current Parks and Open Space projects
Stormwater/Natural Area Projects
Monroe Alley at 25th Ave Storm Improvements

Chambers Storm Repair: 15th to Amazon Creek

Wastewater Projects
Wastewater Rehabilitation Project

Wastewater Extensions Project

2019 Projects in Design

South Willamette Street Enhancement

11th Ave (Tyinn to Bertelsen)

3rd Ave (High to Pearl)

4th Ave (Coburg to Pearl)

Mill St (2nd to 4th)

19th Ave (Hilyard to Agate)

5th Ave (Chambers to Grant)

19th Ave (Jefferson St to Tyler St)

Alder St (24th to 27th)

Balfour St (Terresa to North End)

Bedford Wy (Oakway to Fair Oaks)

Brookside Dr (Brae Burn (North to address 999 and Brae Burn (South) to Montara)

Calgary St (Holly to Elanco)

Charnelton St (4th to 6th)

Elanco Ave (Norkenzie to End)

Fair Oaks Dr (Oakway to Fairway Lp)

Lariat Dr (Oakway to Lariat)

Lariat Meadows Dr (Lariat to East End)

Lariat Mesa (Lariat to East End)

Lawrence St (address 36 to 6th)

Montreal Ave (Calgary to Balfour)

Olive St (5th to 6th)

Quebec St (Calgary to Elanco)

Sundance St (Sundial to East End)

Terresa Ave (Montreal to Gilham)

Villard St (Franklin to 200’ North of 15th Ave)