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Bicycle Registration Form

  1. City of Eugene Resident?*

    Stop here if you do NOT have a City of Eugene address. Unfortunately, we will be unable to register your bicycle.

  2. Step 2: Complete the Form

  3. Example: 04/08/1966

  4. City of Eugene addresses only

  5. City


  6. Bicycle registration decal will be mailed to this address.

  7. At least one phone number is required.

  8. Please provide as much detailed information as possible. This will increase the likelihood of being able to recover the bicycle if it is stolen.

  9. Please do NOT include spaces or special characters. Remember, this is the MOST important info! If you are still having difficulty finding the serial number, go to the website of the brand of your bicycle.

  10. Owner Applied Number - Engravings

  11. Frame Type

  12. Lights

  13. Fenders

  14. Bags

  15. Racks/Carriers

  16. Suspension

  17. Image file type/size confirmation

    We are only able to process jpg files in a size smaller than 3MB. Does your photo meet these requirements?

  18. I have read and understand the following:*

    WARNING: A person commits the crime of theft by receiving if the person receives, retains, conceals or disposes of property of another knowing or having good reason to know the property was the subject of theft. By affixing a decal to this bicycle and submitting this form, I certify I am the legal owner of this bicycle.

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