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1. Why did the City of Eugene enact the plastic bag ordinance?
2. When are retailers required to stop providing single-use plastic carryout bags?
3. What businesses does this apply to?
4. What about farmers’ markets, street fairs, festivals, and events?
5. What plastic bags are prohibited?
6. What types of plastic bags are allowed?
7. Can retailers provide paper bags?
8. What does the 5 cent charge for paper bags go toward?
9. Are retailers required to provide reusable bags or recyclable paper bags at checkout?
10. Can retailers provide plastic bags made of compostable materials?
11. Are any businesses exempt from the ban?
12. The ordinance allows a restaurant to use plastic bags for hot, prepared takeout food. But if a restaurant wants to use paper bags instead, does the restaurant have to charge 5 cents/bag?
13. If restaurants are selling items other than prepared foods are the bags they use still exempt?
14. Are grocers’ deli counters exempt like restaurants that serve hot, prepared takeout foods?
15. How will the City help shoppers prepare for this?
16. Are any customers exempt from the 5-cent charge on paper bags?
17. Can an Electronic Benefit Transfer (SNAP or food stamp) card cover the 5-cent fee for paper bags?
18. Where can I get free or reduced price bags?
19. What are the environmental impacts of this new ordinance?
20. What will the statewide ban do to Eugene’s ban?
21. How will this law be enforced?
22. What if I notice a store is violating the ordinance?
23. What are the penalties for businesses if they do not comply with the ordinance?
24. What are options for typical secondary plastic bag uses?
25. How can shoppers keep their reusable shopping bags clean and safe?
26. How can I remember to bring my reusable bags to the store?
27. Where can I get a copy of these FAQs to print?