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1. How is the Certificate of Authority obtained?
2. What is the tax rate?
3. When must the tax be remitted?
4. What information is required when the operator or intermediary remits the tax?
5. Can I pay online for my transient occupancy tax?
6. Is the information on the tax return confidential?
7. May the operator or intermediary retain any portion of the tax for collection expense?
8. What is included in the gross receipts for lodging that are subject to tax?
9. Are any exemptions provided?
10. Are guests that check in for more than 30 consecutive days but check out early exempt from Transient Room Tax?
11. Are Charitable 501(c)(3) organizations exempt from the Transient Room Tax?
12. What is Oregon State Lodging Tax HB2656 and when did it take effect?
13. What is a transient lodging intermediary?
14. I am a lodging provider who does no business with lodging intermediaries, do I need to do anything differently?
15. If I’m a lodging provider who conducts business with lodging intermediaries, am I responsible for remitting the Transient Room Tax to the City of Eugene?
16. I am a lodging provider, do I need to remit tax on the wholesale price of transactions with transient lodging intermediaries for lodging units?
17. If I use a company to advertise my transient lodging on their website, but I handle all bookings and payments, am I responsible for remitting the Transient Room Tax?
18. How does a transient lodging intermediary remit the Transient Room Tax they receive from customers?
19. If a lodging intermediary fails to remit the lodging tax to the City of Eugene even though they collect payment from customers, is the lodging provider ultimately responsible?
20. If I’m a lodging intermediary who only books rooms, am I responsible for paying the Transient Room Tax?
21. What are Transient Room Tax compliance audits?
22. Do I need to open a Transient Room Tax account to collect TRT tax if I am a short-term rental business?
23. How do I receive a Certificate of Authority?
24. Is there a cost to pay with a credit card?
25. What are the tax rates for the jurisdictions?