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1. What is MUNIRevs?
2. How do I register in MUNIRevs?
3. I need assistance with registering, filing, or making payments through MUNIRevs. Who do I contact?
4. Will my business and user information be kept confidential and secure?
5. What is the “Bulk Filer” option? As a tax preparer with multiple clients, would this be the option be applicable to me?
6. My Tax Preparer is not registering my business for me. How do I register my business?
7. The business I am filing for registered themselves. How do I add myself to their account as a Tax Preparer?
8. I’m a Tax Preparer and registering a business on behalf of a client. How should I register?
9. I’m a Tax Preparer. Do I need to register my business in MUNIRevs?
10. I’m a Tax Preparer and will bulk file on behalf of my clients using the XML bulk filing option. Do I need to my register my business in MUNIRevs?
11. Can I manage multiple businesses with one login?
12. Can a business have more than one user?
13. How do I change the User on a Business?
14. I forgot my password. What do I do?
15. Do I have to login to MUNIRevs to see my alerts and reminders?
16. Where are my tax forms? My Action Center is empty.
17. How do I update my account information?
18. Can I schedule a payment in MUNIRevs?
19. What if I don't have any subject wages for a quarter?
20. I don't have any subject wages for a quarter. Can I file a 'zero' return through MUNIRevs?
21. What if I want to file my report online but mail in my check or pay in person?
22. What if I am unable to use the MUNIRevs online system?