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Videra Park


  1. Drinking fountains
  2. Picnic tables
  3. Play area - ADA
Videra play area


Videra Park is a 7.73 acre neighborhood park located in the far south of the Churchill neighborhood. The property was purchased in 2003, with construction completed in 2008. The park is bounded by Hawkins Lane, Randy Lane, Herald Lane, Blacktail Drive and West 29th Avenue. Randy Lane, although not yet completed, forms the northern boundary of the park. A large portion of the park is a natural area containing one of the headwaters of Videra Creek, which eventually flows into the stormwater pipe system and empties into Amazon Creek at Bailey Hill Road. A stormwater treatment facility is located in the westernmost portion of the park.

Developed features include a small ADA accessible children’s play area with a wooden play structure, swings, a picnic table, drinking fountain, bench, and bike rack. The park also includes sidewalks, street trees, landscaping, and a vegetated swale along Blacktail to help treat stormwater runoff.


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