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Sheldon Pool

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  1. Chairs
  2. Diving Board
  3. Drinking fountains
  4. Locker Room
  5. Parking lot
  6. Picnic tables
  7. Restrooms
  8. Showers
  9. Swimming pool
  10. Weight Room
  11. Wi-Fi

Program Information and Pool Schedule

Rental Information

*Rentals are not available at this time

Ideal for group-oriented gatherings and parties, offering two indoor pools, diving well, accessibility bays in both pools, ADA-accessible lift and changing rooms, family changing room, and a picnic area. The childcare room is also available for rent. No alcohol is permitted. Sheldon Pool is also located in Sheldon Sports Park which offers more outdoor amenities.


  • $100 per hour for first 40 participants. $30 per hour for each additional 40 participants.

Rates are quoted per hour for rentals occurring during closed building hours. For rentals during open building hours, deduct $10 per hour. Non-city residents will be assessed a 20% surcharge.

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