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Churchill Sports Park


  1. Ball fields
  2. Basketball
  3. Bike / Pedestrian path
  4. Community garden
  5. Drinking fountains
  6. Parking lot
  7. Performance space
  8. Picnic tables
  9. Play area - ADA
  10. Restrooms
  11. Skatepark
  12. Soccer field
  13. Sports / Play field - informal
  14. Synthetic turf field
  15. Tennis courts
  16. Track
  17. Water spigot

Playpark at Churchill


Located to the south and west of Churchill High School at the intersection of Bailey Hill Road and West 18th Avenue, Churchill is one of three sports park complexes in Eugene, all located adjacent to schools and offering a variety of sporting activities along with all the amenities of a neighborhood park. Churchill Sports Park is a popular venue for many weekend youth and adult sports clubs, including soccer, softball, and others, as well as school-related athletics. Many people also use the park for other sporting and leisure activities, and neighborhood concerts and events are held there.

 Synthetic Surface Athletic Field

An all-weather synthetic fiber athletic field supports up to eight times the amount of play as a natural turf field. The all-weather field can be scheduled for back-to-back games, even in heavy rain. This field, along with three others just like it at Sheldon, North Eugene, and South Eugene High Schools, has greatly expanded the community's play time in Eugene.



In addition to athletic fields, the park boasts an 8500 square foot skatepark for intermediate through advanced skateboarders and roller bladers. Designed by veteran skater Eric Dawkins, the Churchill skatepark offers fluid lines and deep bowls in the tradition of Burnside Skatepark in Portland.

Park Amenities

Tennis courts, basketball courts, and an ADA children's playground round out the offerings of active recreation, while restrooms, lights, picnic tables, benches, walking paths, and other amenities add extra comfort for park users of all ages and abilities. The basketball court doubles also as a concert venue for the Churchill neighborhood.

 Churchill Community Garden

A grass-roots community garden, supported by the Churchill Neighborhood, School District 4J, the Rachel Carson School, the City of Eugene, and many more, is located in the west end of the park. The garden is operated privately and is not part of the City of Eugene Community Gardens Program. 

 Note: To help reduce congestion on neighborhood streets and private property, please park in the public parking areas provided at Churchill High School.


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