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Community Request Form

    Sustainability Commission Mission Statement: The Sustainability Commission works to create a healthy community now and in the future by proposing measureable solutions to pressing environmental, social and economic concerns to the City of Eugene, its partners and its people.
  2. Thank you for your interest in the Eugene Sustainability Commission. To be able to fairly evaluate requests for the Sustainability Commission's endorsement, sponsorship or participation in projects, we ask that you provide a brief summary of your request, answering these questions in no more than two pages. Submission of your written request two months in advance of your deadline for the event etc and two weeks prior to a commission meeting (meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month) will allow for full consideration by commission members and a greater chance of the request being supported. It is strongly suggested that you attend the Sustainability Commission meeting that your request will be reviewed at to answer any questions Commissioners may have. Requests received at commission meetings will be considered at the following meeting, to allow time for review.
  3. Please note the Sustainability Commission does not have the ability to financially support projects. For additional questions, or concerns please contact Babe O'Sulivan at 541.682.5017, or email:
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