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Recreation Partner Application

  1. By signing this application, your agency/organization agrees to the following:
  2. * Program Partner Applications are Recreation Facility specific. Applications are not a guarantee of Program Partner status and are not be transferable between facilities.
  3. * All Program Partner facility use requests must be accompanied by a City of Eugene Recreation Facility Rental Application.
  4. * Facility use requests can only be confirmed one season in advance of the event date and are subject to rescheduling if in conflict at any time with other City programs or services.
  5. * Deposits and payments must be made in compliance with the City of Eugene Facility Rental Application. Exchange or trade of services must be approved by the Senior Program Supervisor.
  6. * Program Partners agree to promote City of Eugene Recreation programs and services to their clients or members when requested, and must provide evidence of this promotion upon the annual renewal of the program partnership.
  7. * Program Partners agree to provide quarterly attendance numbers for all facility or equipment use.
  8. This application is subject to annual renewal per the requirements stated above. Failure to meet these requirements may jeopardize your program partner status and/or renewal.
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