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Squad Car Maintenance Team Self Screening Questionnaire

  1. Could you operate a marked vehicle, using depth of field and peripheral vision; in congested traffic and in unsafe road conditions that can include fog, rain, ice and snow; while maintaining visual surveillance of your surroundings?*
  2. Can you remain on your feet for extended periods of time, walking and/or standing in a relatively fixed position?*
  3. Can you communicate clearly and effectively one-on-one and on the phone? *
  4. Would you be able to read, learn and remember new and updated detailed, complex information (examples: changes in policy, procedure, etc.) and apply the information in a logical manner?*
  5. Could you kneel and or bend to complete minor vehicle maintenance such as: loosen/tighten lug nuts, change tire, check tire pressure, check fluid levels, change light bulbs and windshield wipers? *
  6. Could you lift up to 50 pounds (example: lift/hold tire past your waist to place in the trunk of a vehicle)? *
  7. Would you be able to access e-mail to send and receive information to communicate with Fleet Services, team members and the team supervisor? *
  8. Would you be able to access Microsoft Word and Excel to enter and delete information in a document?*
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