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Seniors on Patrol Self-Screening Questionnaire

  1. Could you operate a marked vehicle both day and night, using depth of field and peripheral vision; in congested traffic and in unsafe road conditions that can include fog, smoke, rain, ice and show; while operating a radio, maintaining visual surveillance of your surroundings and finding unfamiliar locations simultaneously?*
  2. Could you communicate clearly and understandably on a law enforcement radio (both talking and listening to the radio?)*
  3. Could you flee on foot over uneven terrain; balance on uneven or narrow surfaces?*
  4. Could you kneel to perform first aid while using the police radio to request assistance?*
  5. Can you remain on your feet for extended periods of time, walking and/or standing in a relatively fixed position?*
  6. Could you conduct visual and audio surveillance for extended periods of time?*
  7. Could you tolerate walking on foot patrol, and physically checking the doors and windows of buildings to ensure they are secure?*
  8. Can you communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, giving information and directions?*
  9. Would you be able to read, learn, and remember new and updated detailed, complex information (example: changes in policy, procedure, etc.) and apply the information in a logical manner?*
  10. Can you read maps and be able to orient yourself to geographic locations as your assignment changes?*
  11. Can you adequately describe persons, vehicles, and objects, using such data as size, shape, and color AND effectively communicate such information on a cell phone or radio?*
  12. Would you be able to control your temper if you were taunted or physically pushed by others?*
  13. Could you observe an incident which takes place in your presence, and then later describe verbally and/or in writing what took place, where and when it occurred, who was involved, and what was said?*
  14. Could you bend, stretch, contort, push, pull, twist, carry, walk with weight, or lift up to 35 pounds?*
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