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Eugene Police Department Cadet Program Application for Membership

  1. Application for Membership
    Please complete the following sections.
  2. Have you ever applied to be a Eugene Police Cadet?*
  3. If you have been a police explorer or cadet, please indicate where.
  4. Education History
    List each school you have attended, the location, course of study and dates attended.
  5. If you have attended college, please list school name, location, course of study and dates attended.
  6. List any courses, training, special licenses, scholastic honors or other qualifications, which may have a bearing on this position
  7. Work history
    Beginning with the most current, list the jobs you have held in the last five years. Include any other experiences related to the position for which you are applying, including any volunteer work.
  8. List employers, job title, complete address, phone number, date hired, date terminated, supervisor's name, reason for leaving the job, and if we may contact your employer
  9. References
    Individuals not related to you, who can provide information about your character, work ethic, etc.
  10. Certificate of Application
    In making this application, I certify that the statements I have made are true,complete and I agree that nay willful false statements or misrepresentations herein, are just cause for rejection of my application or disciplinary dismissal from the post. I hereby authorize the Eugene Police Department advisors of Cadet Post #501 to contact any source to verify and obtain information in assessing my qualifications, including past and present employers, law enforcement agencies and references, unless otherwise specified. In consideration of my acceptance, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the Eugene Police Department Cadet Program.
  11. Electronic Signature*
    By checking this box, I am providing an electronic signature.
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