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Metal Detector Permit

  1. This permit is for the use of a metal detector within the boundaries of City parks, except in the prohibited areas listed herein. Permission is granted with the understanding that there will be no damage to turf, landscaped areas or other park assets.

    Applicant agrees to abide by all Eugene Park Rules while engaged in metal detecting activities.

    No shovels, spades or similar implements may be used. Only short probing rods and garden trowels (or similar garden tools that are small and have short handles) are allowed.

    Holes shall be limited to three (3) inches in diameter. No hole shall be dug more than six (6) inches deep and all holes must be refilled.

    Repairs must not be detectable. For turf areas, leave one edge of sod plug attached so it can be folded back into refilled hole.

    Metal detecting activities must occur between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

    Please fill out and submit this form. A staff member will email you with the approved permit. A printed copy or digital version on a mobile device must be kept on hand while metal detecting.

    Metal detectors are NOT permitted in the following area:

    • Parking strips on streets
    • Owen Rose Garden
    • Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden
    • Morse Farm Historical House and Grounds
    • All designated sports fields
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  4. This permit is good for six (6) months from the date of issue. This permit must be present during any metal detecting activities on City park land and must be shown upon request.

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