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Waste Prevention: Event Recycling and Food Waste Bin Reservation Form

  1. Clearstream recycling and compost
  2. Bags are provided with bins. Bin loans are subject to availability. Your reservation will be confirmed by email. Pick up and drop off information will be provided with your reservation confirmation. For more information or questions, contact 541-214-5044.

  3. Up to four sets (3 bins in each set: recycling/food waste/trash plus bags) can be reserved if available. Please select the number of sets you would like to reserve:
    1. Pick-Up and Return Information:
      • Make sure to schedule pick-up and return during The Atrium's business hours, which are Monday-Friday from noon to 4 pm.
      • Pick up the bins on the nearest business day to your event date.
      • Upon arrival, check in at the front desk of The Atrium, situated at 99 W 10th Ave.
      • Don't hesitate to inquire at the front desk about the specific location of the reserved bins.
      • After your event, return the bins to The Atrium during business hours on the first business day following your event.
      • When dropping off the bins, complete the return process by letting the front desk know that bins have been returned.
    2. Contact Information:
      • For any questions or assistance related to the event bins, please contact Alex Reyna at:
      • Alex Reyna's availability: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 3:30 pm.
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