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Neighborhood Association or City Commission Park Reservation Form

  1. 2018 Parks Reservation Request Form
    The Parks Reservation Request form is for use by formally recognized Neighborhood Associations or Boards/Commissions to request to reserve space within the City of Eugene's park system. Please complete the following form to request use of park, open space, or other park facility for your Association event. This form must be submitted at least one week before the date of event. Your reservation is not confirmed and your event is not approved until you receive the confirmation email. Please print out the confirmation email and bring it to your event. The confirmation email is your permit to use the park area for your event and must be presented to City staff or Eugene Police staff, upon request.
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  4. Will food be served at your event?*
  5. Will alcoholic beverages be served at your event?*
  6. Will you need to erect any type of tent or other structure for your event?*
  7. Will your event have amplified sound for more than two hours?*
  8. If available at the site, will your event need power or water?
  9. Please provide detailed information for any additional requests related to the site.
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