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HRNI Equipment Reservation Form

  1. Terms of Agreement for Use
    Equipment may be reserved by active neighborhood associations and the Human Rights Commission on a first-come-first-served basis. All confirmed reservations may be picked up in the HRNI office located at 99 W 10th, Ste 117 during regular business hours (10-noon/1-4). All items must be returned on time, clean, and in the same working order in which they were checked out. Responsible parties may be held liable for damages to equipment. Dishes must be sanitized in a dishwasher and returned dry and ready for the next use. All items must be returned complete and in good working condition (electronics with all cords, software, accessories, and manuals intact.)
  2. Please select the equipment requested:
    Equipment is reserved on a first come, first served basis. As there is a high demand for use, please let us know if you wish to cancel or alter your reservation.
  3. Dish Kits
    ALL DISHES MUST be returned clean and sanitized either by a dishwasher or comercial dishwashing system. Dishes must be dry and organized as received. Each kit contains 20 plates, 20 bowls, 20 cups (cold beverages), 20 forks, 20 spoons, 10 butter knives. *Set of 50 has 25 butter knives
  4. Electronic Equipment
        ALL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT must be returned with all cords, accessories, and manuals intact.
      1. Other Items
      2. You must agree: *
        By checking this box I agree that all items borrowed will be returned in the same condition as when picked up; that all items will be returned on the date indicated above, clean, organized and ready for the next group to use. (*see Terms of Use Agreement on previous page)
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