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Eugene Municipal Court Public Records Request

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    • When responding to a public records request, the Eugene Municipal Court complies with state law and the City’s adopted public records policy and adopted fee schedule.
    • Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 192.440(4) authorizes the City to charge fees associated with public records requests. The fees charged by the Eugene Municipal Court are established by Administrative Order No. 21-05-06-F.
    • Effective July 2, 2017, all public records requests including those to view a current case must be submitted in writing.
    • Upon receipt of a written public records request, the City will provide the requester with a written receipt of the request in accordance with state law.
    • Documents responsive to requests for current cases and cases dispositioned since 2009 will normally be available within 3 working days (not including weekends or holidays).
    • Case files dispositioned in 2008 or before have been purged and are no longer available. The Eugene Municipal Court maintains records in our system for ten years for all misdemeanor charges, and five years for all violations past the closing date of the case. A letter with this information is available upon request if documentation is needed.
    • Requests that require City staff to follow up with the requester to identify what is being requested may incur a research fee at $51.67 per hour (with a 30 minute minimum).
    • The City will not release records responsive to a public records request until the requester has paid the required fees.
    • The City will not release any records or information when disclosure is prohibited or restricted by federal or state law. Pursuant to ORS 192.502(8), prior to releasing any records, the City will redact information that has been deemed confidential by federal law, including social security numbers and protected health information obtained by covered entities. Pursuant to ORS 192.502(9)(a), the City will redact information that has been deemed confidential by state law, including driver’s license numbers.

    For further information regarding the City of Eugene’s Public Records Request Policy and Fee Schedule, refer to Administrative order Nos. 21-05-06-F and 21-04-01. This information can be obtained at the City of Eugene web site ( or by contacting the City Recorder at (541) 682-5042.

    For information specific to Eugene Municipal Court Records, please contact the Court at (541) 682-5400 or via email at

    In most cases, requests for court documents will be completed and ready for pick-up within 3-7 days after the request is received.

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    0 - 5No ChargeNo Charge
    6 - 10.25 Cents$1.00
    11 - 30.25 Cents$1.50
    31 - 60.25 Cents$2.50
    61 or More.25 CentsActual Cost of Postage


    * includes postage if applicable
    $2.00 flat fee plus $0.25 per page
    No additional cost
    $5.00 additional per record document
    Records Staff Research
    $51.67 per hour (30 minute minimum). Fee for staff time required to locate, summarize, compile or tailor a record and any standby time incurred while the requestor is inspecting the record (per Administrative Order 21-05-06F). This applies to all files retrieved from Archives.
    Computer Research
    $59.34 per hour (30 minute minimum). Fee for computer programming, report generation, etc. Based on the Step 3 hourly rate of an Application Support Technician.

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