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Eugene Municipal Court Contact Us

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    OPTION 1 - Enter a No Contest Plea. By choosing a plea of No Contest, you are waiving your right to a trial. The court will contact you to discuss options available to resolve your citation. These may include:
      • Possible reduction of your fine
      • Traffic school
      • Possible suspension of your fine
      • Possible dismissal of certain charges

    OPTION 2 - Enter a Not Guilty Plea – your case will be set for trial There are 3 options for a trial
      • Appear in person. A trial date will be set according to the court’s schedule availability.
      • Virtual Trial Appearance. A virtual trial date will be set according to the court’s schedule availability.
      • Appear via mail through a Trial by Affidavit. The trial will be based upon sworn, written statements. This option may or may not be available for the charges on your citation. Forms and instructions for filing a Trial by Affidavit.

    IMPORTANT: You have a right to a trial. The court will give you notice of the time and place when you must appear and may impose penalties if you do not appear. The court may require you to deposit money to assure your appearance if you failed to appear on any offense charges in the past. If the court finds at trial that you are guilty, the court cannot impose a fine that is less than the minimum fine amount . The court will not impose a fine if it finds you not guilty.

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