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Termination of Tenancy/Eviction Reporting

  1. Termination of Tenancy/Eviction Report Form

  2. Pursuant to EC 8.425 (18) a landlord is required to report to the City, a termination of tenancy that results in the tenant moving out of the rental unit.  

  3. Rental Dwelling Unit Information

  4. Property Owner Information

  5. Property Management (if applicable)

  6. Termination Notice Information

  7. Termination Reason*
  8. Did you engage in any negotiation with the tenant?
  9. If yes to negotiation, did you use a mediator?
  10. If the landlord filed an F.E.D, please provide the court case number

  11. Electronic Signature

  12. This form is designed to be completed and signed by the legal owner(s) of the rental dwelling. If someone other than the property owner/landlord is completing this form on behalf of the owner/landlord, the undersigned certifies that they are legally authorized to act on behalf of the property owner/landlord to complete this form. 

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