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Proposals for HRC work plan

  1. Instructions
    Please use this form to submit unique proposals only. Please do not submit multiple proposals in a single form
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  3. HRC Goals
    Goal 1 (Community-oriented) Take a leadership role in fostering respect for social equity, civil rights, and human rights in the community by engaging in education, outreach, listening and collaboration.
    Goal 2 (Liaison role) Maintain strategic HRC liaisons and engage in cooperative endeavors with the community and with City of Eugene advisory groups that support civil and human rights and social equity.
    Goal 3 (Advisory role) Study and recommend actions on civil and human rights and social equity issues in areas of concern to the community and City organization.
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  5. HRC work groups

    WeCU (Whole Eugene Community United) Work Group Objective: Identify and implement strategies to enhance inclusion of marginalized communities into the larger Eugene community and to help deter or respond to hate, bias and discrimination, including systemic and individual racism, heterosexism, transphobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and ableism.

    Homelessness and Poverty Work Group Objective: Monitor and report on laws and policies that have a disparate impact on people living unhoused; propose policy recommendations to the Eugene City Council on issues related to homelessness and poverty; and engage in advocacy efforts that combat the marginalization of people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

    Advocacy Work Group Objective: Maintain an introspective view of human rights issues in Eugene as they arise and develop advisory communication and recommendations to City Council to respond to and support human rights in Eugene. Develop and implement strategies to promote education, outreach, and public engagement.

    Economic Opportunities Work Group Objective: Research and recommend strategies to promote economic advancement of marginalized communities.

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