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Human Rights Commission Request for Support

  1. Human Rights Commission Request for Funding
    The City of Eugene allocates funds each fiscal year to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to use to support community events. Applications must be submitted complete with a full explanation of the funding request. All requests must be submitted 10 days prior to the HRC meeting (3rd Tuesdays) in advance of the event or project start date. Timely submission assures that requests are discussed and approved for funding. Having a representative at the HRC meeting to answer questions about the request is strongly encouraged. Please note that if funding is approved, the commission requires a follow-up report within 30 days of the event. Recipients may submit a written report or may attend the next commission meeting to present a brief verbal report. Photos are encouraged but not required. Failing to provide a report may result in denial for future funding.
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    Commission bylaws require that events it sponsors must be fully accessible. Facilities should meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards and sign interpretation should be provided if requested. Both wheelchair access and the availability of interpretation should be included in advertisements for the event.
  6. I acknowledge that by receiving funding to support this event that I am responsible for providing a brief report back to the HRC within 30-days of the event. Failure to provide this report either in writing or in person at a HRC meeting may result in denial for future funding. *
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