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Feedback on Creating Belonging training

  1. Instructions
    Use this form to provide feedback to the Creating Belonging training session you attended. We appreciate your feedback!
  2. Creating Belonging Training
    Module 1: Inclusive Public Service

    1) Introduction to Belonging
    a) Belonging - A conversation about DEI – Part 1
    b) Government values
    c) Equity versus equality

    2 ) Demographics and History
    a) Eugene community today
    b) History - Barriers to belonging, equity and access

    3) Developing self-awareness
    a) Identity
    b) Culture
    c) Shared values and stories

    4) Inclusive Public Service
    a) COE policies and programs
    b) Serving diverse communities and promoting inclusive community engagement

    Module 2: Working Better Together

    1) COE Core Competencies
    c) Respectful Workplace Environment
    d) Belonging - A conversation about DEI – Part 2

    2) Mental models
    a) Stereotyping
    b) Implicit Bias
    c) Ladder of inference

    3) Creating a positive work environment
    a) Preventing stereotyping & discrimination in the workplace
    b) Intent versus impact
    c) Addressing harm
    d) Identifying and interrupting micro-aggressions (Allyship)

    5) Building inclusive teams
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