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Belonging - Facilitators application

  1. Attention
    This application form is for City of Eugene employees interested in becoming a facilitator for HRNI's Belonging training program. You must have attended modules 1 and 2 of the Belonging training before applying for the Train-The-Trainer (TTT). Each TTT session will accept only 10 participants. Participants will be selected based on experience, commitment to equity work, and on identity factors to represent the diversity of our workforce. Our goal is to balance gender, race, and ethnic identities in the group facilitating each session of the Belonging training. If you are not selected for the current TTT, you will receive an e-mail with more information about future opportunities. Thank you!
  2. Has your supervisor approved your participation in this training?*
    By attending the Belonging Train-The-Trainer, you are committing to help HRNI's team deliver sessions of the Belonging training to other COE staff. Each cohort of the Belonging training include two sessions of up to three hours offered in two consecutive weeks. Please talk to your supervisor and let us know how often you can be available to help us deliver training sessions.
  3. Each training session last up yo three hours. Depending on the portion of the training you will be delivering, your commitment maybe of 1 hour peer training day. Our regular schedule includes trainings on Tuesdays 9-12 and Thursdays 12-3 every week.
  4. Previous experience with training delivery is not required for participation in this TTT. Experience may be developed by assisting current facilitators in upcoming sessions.
  5. We want to balance our pool of facilitators in terms of race, gender, and other identity dimensions. This information will help us select facilitators to each training session.
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