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Request OECE Equity Team support


    The OECE Equity Team supports City of Eugene projects and teams in actions that align with our vision and mission. We are responsive to the organization within the scope of our mission and also according to our priorities and capacity. Please consider the statements below and how your request aligns with them before submitting your request for support.

    –Creating a safe, equitable and welcoming community.

    –To support equitable access to services in City government, neighborhoods and community through active and inclusive engagement.

  2. Division Manager and/or Department Director approved this request.
  3. Describe the project, problem, or issue you are addressing, what is the need? What are your goals?
  4. What kind of assistance are you looking for from OECE Equity Team? How does it further our mission? What are the short and long term benefits?

  5. Please talk about the time, energy and commitment your staff has to contribute to the project. What is your investment? Are their other potential community partners?
  6. Describe the time-frame (hard or flexible?); budgeted funds?; etc.
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