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Community Safety Proposed Payroll Tax Public Hearing Testimony

  1. Proposed Ordinance for Community Services Payroll Tax

    At their May 8 work session, City Councilors voted to send a proposed ordinance for a payroll tax that would fund community safety services to public hearing. This form provides another option for submitting written comments to City Councilors.

    Councilors were provided three versions of a possible payroll tax and moved forward with an option that included a rate of .0040 for employees and a rate of .0020 for employers located within the City of Eugene. This option also capped the rate for minimum wage earners at .0020.

    The proposed payroll tax would provide an additional $23.6 million to the City’s community safety services, significantly bolstering the City’s ability to respond to, prevent, and resolve all types of safety concerns. Funding would be used for critical services including police, fire and emergency medical services, municipal court, homeless services, and prevention services .

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