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City of Eugene Public Records Request

  1. **This form may be subject to disclosure under Oregon Public Records Law**
  2. Please note the City of Eugene is not the custodian of the following types of records: 

    Common links which do not require a public records request:

    Building Permit, Code Compliance, and Land Use Information:

    Eugene Municipal Court Records

    Eugene Police Records - How to Request

  3. Will this information be used for commercial purposes?*
  4. Have you contacted any other City of Eugene employee about this request?*
  5. Please try to be as specific as possible about the public record(s) you are seeking. For example, asking for “any and all” documents relating to a particular subject or multiple criteria may require a substantial amount of staff time to locate, compile, review and produce, may lead to a vast number of responsive documents, and may represent a significant cost to the requestor. Please note that you can expand this box by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.

  6. Information About Obtaining Records

    Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 192.324(1) authorizes the City to charge fees associated with public records requests. These fees must be paid before retrieval begins. The requestor will be notified if costs exceed the written estimate given. A refund will be given if costs are less than estimated. If a fee is required, per ORS 192.329 (3)(b), the requester has 60 days to pay the fee before the City of Eugene closes the request.

    Per ORS 192.324(2), the City of Eugene shall within 5 business days after receiving the request acknowledge receipt of the request, or complete the request. This acknowledgement will confirm that the city is or is not the custodian of the requested document(s), or if there is uncertainty as to whether the city is the custodian. Per ORS 192.329 (5), the City of Eugene shall as soon as reasonably possible but not later than 10 business days after acknowledgement of receipt of request, complete the request or provide a written statement that the city is still processing the request with a reasonable updated time estimate for completion.

    While public records requests may be made directly to the City Recorder’s Office, each City department has a designated Public Record Coordinator who responds to public records requests submitted to his/her/their department or division. Requests may be submitted to either City entity. There are three levels of requests. The City Recorder’s Office or appropriate Public Record Coordinator will determine what level to assign to a request.

    Level 3 Request: Does not require a written request or payment of a fee. Requested document must be current and readily available, require no duplication, may not be subject to the Public Records Fee Schedule, and must require no more than 30 minutes of staff time or resources to be made available. These types of documents are intended for public distribution, such as information brochures, agendas, permit applications, job applications, election-related petitions, or solicitations for public comment.

    Level 2 Request: Must be made in writing. Requested document(s) are not immediately available in pre-prepared format. Request must clearly and correctly identify the document(s) needed. Requested document(s) must be located in a single department or division, may not contain sensitive, confidential, or privileged information, and do not require attorney review prior to release. Time and cost estimates will be provided and requestor must pay before document retrieval begins. Document(s) may be subject to Public Records Fee Schedule (Administrative Order 21-05-06).

    Level 1 Request: Must be made in writing. This type of request is complex, requiring extensive research and compilation of records, and involves multiple staff and/or departments or divisions. The City Recorder’s Office coordinates Level 1 requests. Because Level 1 requests may contain sensitive, confidential, or privileged information, they may require attorney review. The request also may require follow up by staff to identify what is being requested. Time and cost estimates will be provided and requestor must pay before document retrieval begins. Document(s) may be subject to Public Records Fee Schedule (Administrative Order 21-05-06).

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