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CAP2.0 Public Feedback Form

  1. Background

    This form is an opportunity for the public to tell us what you think of the Climate Action Plan 2.0 (CAP2.0) chapters. The CAP2.0 will be divided into six chapters. Each chapter will contain high-impact actions that the City or the Large Lever Shareholders (LLS Partners) have committed to taking in the future. High impact actions included zero-emission vehicle fleets, homes and buildings using less energy, and reducing consumption of high-carbon goods and products.

  2. The LLS Partners are organizations who have significant oversight and impact on community-wide fossil fuel use and ghgs or have the ability to effect or alter systems that will enable the community to adapt and prepare for climate change. By starting with the engagement of systems level actors, we are laying the foundation to make it easier for everyone - individuals, households, businesses, and other organizations - to take actions that support the CRO goals.

  3. Please choose the chapter(s) you wish to provide comments if you have specific remarks or choose "general comments" for all other comments.

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