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Rental Housing Registration

  1. Rental Housing Code Program - Rental Housing Registration

    Rental Housing dwelling units must be registered with the City of Eugene and pay an annual $20 per dwelling unit fee. The rental housing code was originally adopted in 2005 and provides minimum habitability standards and renter protections to safeguard health, property and public welling of the owners, tenants and neighbors of the rental housing. Staffing and administrative costs for the program are paid for by the $20 annual fee for each dwelling unit. The rental property owner or the owner’s agent is responsible for paying the annual fee.

    For questions please contact

  2. Is my rental property in the City of Eugene?

    Your rental property may have a Eugene mailing address but not be within Eugene city limits. Use our address finder to determine if your property is inside city limits (this tool will open in a new window that is on a Eugene Police Department webpage).

  3. For example, if it is a single-family home that is one dwelling unit. If it is a duplex with two units that is two dwelling units. If it is a home separated into 4 apartments then that is 4 dwelling units. Contact with questions.

  4. If Using a Property Manager:
  5. Who Will Pay the Annual Fee/Where Should the Bill Be Mailed?
  6. Local Contact

    As per the Eugene Rental Housing Code each rental property must also indicate a local emergency contact for the property. The contact must reside within 75 miles of Eugene. The local contact can be the property owner, your property manager or another individual as long as they reside within 75 miles of Eugene. If you are not sure if you live within 75 miles of Eugene please use our distance calculator.

  7. Confidential Information

    Please keep the following information confidential:

  8. City of Eugene Code Compliance staff will follow up upon receipt of this registration form to confirm that your information is correct in our system. Thank you for registering.

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