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  1. 30 days or more Parking request
  2. Airport Advisory Committee Application
  3. Eugene Airport Navigator Volunteer Application
  4. General Aviation Event Request Form
  5. Plan Review at EUG

    The EUG Administration requires specific information for all construction project submittal on properties located at the Eugene Airport... More…

  1. Affiliated Airlines Parking Permit Request

    Application for enrolling Affiliated Airline Employees at the Eugene Airport

  2. Bicycle Locker Reservation Form

    For those who are traveling by bicycle to the Eugene Airport and wish to store their bike in one of the Airport lockers.

  3. Express Traveler Permit Application

    Application for enrolling in the Express Traveler Program at the Eugene Airport

  4. Lost and Found

    Report items lost in the Eugene Airport terminal

  5. Tie Down Request Form

    For transient pilots wanting to use our north Tie Down ramp