Who decides how Urban Renewal funds can be used?

The State of Oregon created the legislation that allows for urban renewal; districts are created by local municipalities. In Eugene, the City Council decides what areas should be included in urban renewal districts. The council also creates a plan for improving the area.

Following public notice and hearing, and after considering public testimony and planning commission recommendations, the city council may approve the urban renewal plan or amendments to the plan by ordinance.

The Downtown Urban Renewal District Plan includes a list of specific projects that were approved by the City Council in 2010. In addition, the Agency Board (City Council) must approve any project, other than loans, from Riverfront District funds over $250,000.

The City of Eugene’s Budget Committee reviews the Urban Renewal Agency’s proposed budget and provides recommendations to the City Council. The City Council adopts the Urban Renewal Agency budget and reviews and approves any supplemental budgets during the year.

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