What is the criteria for selection?

Applications will be scored based on the following elements:

  • Programming Quality:
    • To what extent will programming effectively activate downtown Eugene’s public spaces, with a high quality experience for audiences?
    • Does the proposed programming display excellence in planning, with sufficient detail?

  • Applicant Capacity:
    • Does the applicant demonstrate the capacity to produce the proposed programming?
    • Does the applicant have past experience administering similar programming?

  • Innovation & Diversity:
    • Does the programming offer audiences an experience that is distinct from and complimentary to other existing programming?
    • Does the programming support equity, inclusion and diversity?

  • Priority Points:
    • Does the program involve a partnership or collaboration?
    • Is the program scheduled in the evening?
    • Is the program scheduled in April, May or October?
    • Is the proposed programming a one-time only activation or recurring?
    • Is the project minority- and/or women-led?

Please note: It is within the discretion of the selection committee to ensure programs that receive funding reflect an overall appropriate balance of timing and type of experience throughout the season.

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2. What is the criteria for selection?
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