What curbside collection changes will happen in Eugene?
Residents in the pilot areas will be able to put their food scraps in their current yard debris bin, instead of the garbage. Yard debris is a service already provided by garbage haulers. Yard debris carts will continue to be collected every-other-week. No other changes to your hauling services are anticipated at this time.

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1. Why is the City of Eugene launching a food waste collection pilot?
2. What curbside collection changes will happen in Eugene?
3. What happens to the food scraps collected for composting?
4. When can I start participating?
5. Who gets to participate in the pilot and how will I know if I am in the pilot area?
6. How much does this pilot program cost?
7. As a pilot participant, what can I put in my yard debris bin?
8. How should food scraps be separated from garbage?
9. How do I keep my carts and kitchen pails clean?
10. What about products labeled compostable or biodegradable? Can I put them in?
11. What if I am already a backyard composter?
12. Will this attract pests?
13. Will this smell bad?
14. How do I get more information?