When do swim lesson registrations start?

We have Family Water Safety Classes at Sheldon Pool this fall. Sessions are twice a week either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, for 30-minute-long classes. The cost is $40. There are 3 levels beginner, intermediate and advanced. For beginner and intermediate one guardian must be in the pool. For the advance class only one guardian may accompany them in the facility. Instructors will teach from the pool deck.

Registrations for family water safety classes will be October 27 beginning at 12 p.m. online or if you do not have easy access to internet, please call the Amazon front desk line at 541-682-5350 or Sheldon Pool at 541-682-5314. Please select the parent child swim/ family water safety class option.  

Sheldon Pool:

Beginner MW 6p: TuTh 5p, 5:45p

Intermediate  MW 6p, 6:45p: TuTh 5p

Advanced MW 6:45p: TuTh 5:45p

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