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Amazon Community Center

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  1. Chairs
  2. Meeting Rooms
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  4. Recreation center
  5. Restrooms
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  7. Wi-Fi

Program Information

Amazon Community Center is your source for year-round dynamic programs geared to all ages. To find out about classes, camps, preschool and more visit Amazon Community Center’s webpage or browse our classes online.

Rental Information

Amazon Community Center is available for rent for business and private groups, meetings, rehearsals, birthday parties, reunions, weddings, receptions, and more. The center is part of the Amazon Parkway with access to biking/walking paths, jogging trails, playground, dog park, skate bowl and Amazon Pool.

Rental Rates

  • Main Hall: $50 per hour/75 capacity
  • Multipurpose Room: $50 per hour/25 capacity
  • Conference Room: $40 per hour/10 capacity

Rates are quoted per hour for rentals occurring during closed building hours (without alcohol consumption). For rentals during open building hours, deduct $10 per hour.

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