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Tsal Luk-wah


  1. Hiking Trail
  2. Restrooms


Tsal-Luk-wah means “river of grass” in Kalapuyan, for the abundant grasses that dominate the wet prairie wetlands throughout the year. This site includes wet prairie, vernal pool, emergent wetland, and shrub habitats. Wildlife is abundant, from frogs, to birds, to an active beaver area in Amazon Creek just to the south. Although it can hardly be seen today, this area was once Eugene’s oldest airport. The runways are long gone, restored to native grasses and forbs, which support unique and important plant species. Parking is available at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Office/Willamette Resource and Education Network (WREN) facility on the east side of Danebo Avenue. Restroom facilities are provided in the parking area. Access the bike path to the south of the parking area by walking southeast past WREN’s yurt, an educational outdoor classroom.


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