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Golden Gardens Park

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  1. Fishing
  2. Hiking Trail
  3. Looped path

Waters at Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens Park Master Planning and Community Engagement Coming Soon

A master-planning effort will kick off soon to plan the full build-out of this park. Proposed amenities include sports fields, neighborhood park amenities, and habitat protections with vehicle access coming off of Clear Lake Drive. We will share all the details on the Golden Gardens Park planning project page.


Golden Gardens is a natural area park located in Eugene’s Bethel neighborhood, at the intersection of Golden Gardens Street and Jessen Drive, north of Barger Drive. The ponds in the center of the park were originally pits created by the excavation of gravel for use in construction of Beltline Road. Enhancements to the ponds for improved wildlife habitat and user safety were completed in 2009. With help from the Friends of Golden Gardens, Prairie Mountain School, Active Bethel Citizens and the entire Bethel community, several new features were added:

  • A mile-long soft surface walking path around the ponds
  • Natural, gently sloping pond edges that provide greater safety for park users and also benefit wildlife
  • Additional native trees, shrubs, and grasses
  • Improved wildlife habitat
  • Emergency access roads and ramps to each pond

In 2007, the City of Eugene acquired an additional 170 acres for Golden Gardens Park, funded by the 2006 Parks and Open Space bond measure. Much of the added acreage is being actively farmed under a lease agreement to ensure good stewardship and management into the near future. Future development of the area as a community park will be planned in cooperation with the community and neighborhood towards the long-term park vision established in 2006. Future park development will be implemented as funds become available for design, construction and maintenance.


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