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Sheldon Sports Park


  1. Basketball
  2. Performance space
  3. Picnic tables
  4. Play area
  5. Restrooms
  6. Soccer field
  7. Tennis courts


Tennis courts, basketball courts, and a lively children's playground round out the offerings of active recreation, while restrooms, lights, picnic tables, benches, walking paths, and other amenities add extra comfort for park users of all ages and abilities. A small stage area is also available as a concert venue for the Sheldon neighborhood. An all-weather athletic field, constructed of professional quality synthetic fibers, does the heavy lifting for athletic programming at the park. Supporting up to eight times the amount of play as a natural turf field, the all-weather field can be scheduled for back-to-back games, even in heavy rain. This field, along with three others just like it at Churchill, North Eugene, and South Eugene high schools, has greatly expanded the community's play time in Eugene. 

Sheldon Community Center and Sheldon Pool, which offer a wide variety of other youth and adult recreation programming, including swimming, after school programs, and educational classes, is located to the east of the park, next to Sheldon High School. These facilities are rented through the Recreation Division.

Note: To help reduce congestion on neighborhood streets and private property, please park in the public parking areas provided at Sheldon High School for sports games and tournaments. Please leave the Community Center and Pool parking for patrons of those facilities. 


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