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Rasor Park


  1. Bike / Pedestrian path


Rasor Park comprises 10 acres of the West Bank Riverfront Park System in the River Road area in Eugene. The park is an exceptional, distinctive public space because of its location on the river; special landscape including oak woodland, savanna-prairie, and other native vegetation; considerable neighborhood investment in native planting, care and maintenance; undeveloped condition; excellent views; good pedestrian and bicycle access; and potential role in nodal development.

The park contains a significant and manageable patch of valuable habitat for native plants, animals, fungi, and other species. Likewise, the riparian forest provides opportunities for controlling exotic species and replanting with native tree, shrub, and herbaceous species to increase the health, structure, and viability of the river zone. The existing Oregon white oak, woodland, and other native trees are also valuable resources in the park.

The Friends of Rasor Park, a group of citizens who have taken an active stewardship role in the park and the surrounding area since 1996, have been behind volunteer efforts to restore a native plant community at Rasor Park.


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Rasor Park Master Plan Diagram