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Suzanne Arlie Park

Subfacility of Ridgeline Trail System

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  1. Undeveloped natural area


Suzanne Arlie Park is Eugene’s largest single park at 515 acres. The expansive area includes rare prairie and oak habitats, and offers views of Spencer Butte. Although it is still a relatively wild and remote site, with limited access due to the fact that it is mostly surrounded by private land, development plans are in the works.

With passage of the 2018 Parks and Recreation Bond, extension of the Ridgeline Trail through Suzanne Arlie Park became a funded project. Currently, visitors can access the park through a public easement located south of Lane Community College’s southeastern parking lot, off of Eldon Schafer Drive. The easement begins near the cell phone tower and follows an informal trail, eventually joining the park’s existing gravel road network, which can be used to explore the park’s wild reaches. This network crosses private property, so please respect all signage and fencing. Please also comply with campus hours and rules if accessing the park through Lane Community College.

Phase I of Suzanne Arlie Park development is underway! Phase I will include a two-mile extension of the of the Ridgeline shared-use trail, new mountain bike-optimized trails, along with a mountain bike skills park. 

Through Community Assistance funding from the Bureau of Land Management, we have made extensive habitat and fuels reduction improvements to reduce wildfire risk, and to begin to restore prairie and oak habitats at this park.

New Ridgeline parks

The City of Eugene has acquired additional natural areas in the Ridgeline Park system, including Suzanne Arlie Park, with a goal of providing uninterrupted trails and habitat across the system and beyond—from Fern Ridge Reservoir in the west to Mount Pisgah in the east. This supports the Ridgeline Area Open Space Vision and Action Plan, as well as the larger vision of the Rivers to Ridges Partnership, which consists of 16 conservation organizations and agencies committed to protecting and enhancing the region’s land and water resources.

  • 515 acres
  • South region


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