How does the River Road Corridor Study connect to the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan?

The River Road Corridor Study is a subset of the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan that analyzes land use along the River Road Corridor, from Northwest Expressway and River Road up to the location of the planned Santa Clara Transit Center at Hunsaker Lane. The Corridor Study considers the needs of those who live and work in the River Road area, how they get around, where they shop and live, and how the corridor looks and feels. The Corridor Study will result in an analysis, code amendments and recommendations to support implementation of the neighborhood vision. Both the Corridor Study and the Neighborhood Plan promote development  that is well designed and economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) along with the River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations will form a community recommendation on the Corridor Study and Neighborhood Plan before the formal adoption process begins.  

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3. How does the River Road Corridor Study connect to the River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan?
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