What are my leave options?
  • Requests for leave will go through normal work group processes and supervisor approval. 
  • Employees may access all available leave banks (sick, vacation, compensatory) without restrictions related to justification. For example, vacation time can be used for sick time, and sick time can be used for time away.
  • If your requested absence is related to caring for yourself or a loved one, caring for child due to school closure, self-quarantined and unable to work remotely, etc. please select “COVID‐19 Related Absence” from the absence reason.
  • See instructions on checking leave balances.
  • Previously approved vacation continues to be approved. This is subject to change as needs arise. New requests for leave must be approved by your supervisor.
  • If you have questions regarding your balances or your leave options, you can reach out to your Employee Resource Center contact.

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1. What are my leave options?
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