Who’s responsible for the code and what’s the update process?

The City of Eugene Planning and Development Department is responsible for administering the code. The update process begins with the community’s vision for what the future of Eugene should be like. With clear goals in mind, this process is followed by a great deal of research, analysis, and legal review to craft a code that achieves these goals. The Eugene Planning Commission, various stakeholder groups, neighbors, and experts are consulted along the way. When a complete draft is ready, the broader community is engaged to assess how well the proposed code meets and balances the community’s needs. Any proposed changes need to be carefully reviewed by the Eugene Planning Commission, who makes a final recommendation. However, all final decisions related to the code are made by the Eugene City Council based on the Planning Commission’s recommendation.

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1. Why are we updating the code?
2. How will the design code affect me?
3. What is “the Code” and what does it do?
4. What’s included in the design code?
5. What’s a “Special Area Zone”?
6. How does this relate to the recent discussion of South Willamette Street Improvement Plan?
7. What does the design code propose to do with South Willamette Street?
8. What is the "streetside realm"?
9. Who’s responsible for the code and what’s the update process?
10. How is the community being involved and informed?
11. What changes can I expect to see in the area?
12. What else are we doing to realize the vision?
13. What is MUPTE and why is it being proposed for this area?
14. How does new development happen?
15. How can I stay informed and share my views on the design code?