What does the design code propose to do with South Willamette Street?

The current right of way along South Willamette Street and 29th Avenue does not allow adequate space for amenities supporting the community’s vision of a walkable district and business vitality. Current code standards would place future buildings permanently in locations needed for streetside realm amenities along South Willamette Street. This issue exists on many “key transit corridors” in Eugene. 

The design code proposes a “special setback” on South Willamette and 29th Avenue to ensure that future development will allow room for a safe and attractive pedestrian environment and on-street parking. These measures are critical for achieving the community’s vision. The special setback will help ensure that future buildings are placed in the right location to allow the desired, future streetside realm to be built within the district over time. On South Willamette Street, this includes a 15 foot special setback from the existing right of way on either side of the street. The future streetside realm preserved by the special setback would be able to accommodate a 10’ sidewalk, street trees, and amenities like lights and benches, and on-street parking to serve adjacent businesses. 

NOTE: THIS WOULD NOT AFFECT CURRENT BUSINESSES AND DEVELOPMENT. Current businesses need existing parking and site improvements; impacts to these existing improvements could be damaging to businesses. The proposed standards only apply to new projects. Property owners who choose to make changes on their property would only be required to meet the proposed standards if the existing “streetside realm” is demolished and reconstructed. However, to support the success of future businesses, owners would have the option of constructing long-term streetside improvements, including on-street parking, at the time of redevelopment.  

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