What are the main changes to curbside commingle recycling in Eugene?

As of June 1, 2022, all #1 and #2 plastics including jugs (such as milk, vinegar, or bleach jugs), plastic jars (such as mayonnaise jars, peanut butter, or Clorox wipes containers), and plastic bottles (like those for shampoo, hand soap, or spray cleaner) are accepted in the commingle recycling. Empty pizza boxes are also now accepted. 


Examples of items are still not recyclable in our system include: plastic tubs, plastic bags, flower pots, rigid plastics such as plastic clamshells (i.e. packaging that berries or restaurant leftovers are frequently packaged in), light bulbs, straws, lids, plastic or other beverage cups, to-go boxes, and broken glass.

Contamination reduces the economy and effectiveness of our recycling system. Plastic bags, take-out food containers, plant pots, and lids of any kind should never be placed in commingled recycling bins. Any items that are not clearly recyclable should be put in the trash—when in doubt, throw it out.

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