What is the cities ordinance for barking dogs?

Under 4.430 of Eugene Code, Continuous Annoyance. Permitting any animal to cause annoyance, alarm or disturbance for more than 15 continuous minutes at any time of the day or night, be it repeated barking, whining, screeching, howling, braying or other like sounds which can be heard beyond the boundary of the owner's property.

We encourage neighbors to resolve the matter between themselves if safe to do so.  If that does not resolve the issue people can report the noise to the Animal Services line at 541.687.4060.  In order for our office to follow up we must have an address, not just a description of the house or apartment.

If it is the first complaint for the address or a reasonable time has passed between complaints, our office will send a Good Neighbor letter to the residents.  The letter notifies the resident a complaint was made and provides them information on the ordinance, fines they could be issued in the future, and resources to help address the barking.  If you are a tenant at an apartment complex we encourage you to report it to property management, as they typically have noise addressed in the lease and may be able to resolve the matter more quickly.

Please note that Continuous Annoyances are followed up on as time allows.  In order for enforcement action to be taken, our office will need a signed complaint by a witness to the noise.  We cannot take enforcement from an anonymous complaint.  If a letter has been sent and the issue continues we recommend a complainant have a 15 minute video recording of the noise.

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