What is the plan for undeveloped park land?

Many residents said they place a lot of value on the parks within their neighborhood, and provided valuable input on ways to expand or improve recreation opportunities. A common question was about the future of undeveloped park land, specifically land that the City of Eugene purchased in recent years. 

There are various planning documents that lay out the future goals for Eugene parks, and the Parks and Recreation System Plan is especially helpful. This document provides the results of a 2016 Needs Assessment, lays out the vision and guiding principles of the 30-year strategic plan, and provides a clear path forward with a 10-year implementation plan. The Parks and Recreation System Plan is citywide, but Appendix A provides a summary for each planning district. River Road and Santa Clara are considered one planning district, and the district summary provides detailed information on specific proposed parks projects, which includes cost estimates and a priority ranking.


Parks and Recreation System Plan
Appendix: River Road-Santa Clara Planning District Summary

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