Will this attract pests?

In cities such as Seattle and Portland, they found that the curbside collection doesn’t attract pests any more than garbage collection does. The same proved true during Eugene's three year pilot program. The yard debris bin provided by your garbage hauler is designed to be heavier and more difficult for animals to open, as long as the lid remains closed.

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1. Why is the City of Eugene implementing citywide residential food waste collection?
2. What curbside collection changes will happen in Eugene?
3. What happens to residential food waste and yard debris that is collected by the haulers?
4. How much does this program cost?
5. After October 1, 2019, what can I put in my yard debris bin?
6. How should food scraps be separated from garbage?
7. How do I keep my kitchen container and food waste/yard debris cart clean?
8. What about products labeled compostable or biodegradable? Can I put them in?
9. What if I am already a backyard composter?
10. Will this attract pests?
11. Will this smell bad?
12. How do I get more information?