How do I apply?
Applying for a loan is a two-step process.
Step 1: All loan fund applications should be submitted first to the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene. The ABAE loan fund committee will perform an initial application review which will screen the loan application for project appropriateness, artistic merit, and evaluation of whether the application supports the goals of the Arts & Business Loan committee. If approved, the ABAE committee will submit a memo to the City of Eugene approving the application for review.
Step 2: Your application, and other materials listed in the application checklist, are forwarded to the City of Eugene business loan analyst for underwriting and the applicant will be asked to then submit full application materials including financial statements as well as a $50 application fee. The City's Loan Advisory Committee will review the proposal and make a recommendation.

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1. What is this loan program for?
2. Who is eligible for an Arts & Business loan?
3. I’m a startup – would my business qualify?
4. Do I need to provide collateral to obtain loan funding?
5. What types of loans are available?
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9. How do I apply?
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