What is a ‘mil’?
A ‘mil’ is a plastics industry term for a thousandth of an inch. It does not stand for ‘millimeter.’

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1. When are retailers required to stop providing single-use plastic carryout bags?
2. Can a business apply for an undue hardship exemption?
3. What businesses does this apply to?
4. What bags are prohibited under the single-use checkout bag ordinance?
5. What is a ‘mil’?
6. Can I provide plastic bags made of compostable materials?
7. What types of bags are allowed?
8. What does the 5 cent charge for bags go toward?
9. Can retailers and restaurants provide reusable plastic bags?
10. What about bags that are almost 4 mils thick?
11. Is there a requirement for recycled content in paper bags?
12. Can retail stores or restaurants waive the five-cent bag fee for any customers?
13. What are the environmental impacts of this ordinance?
14. How does the statewide ban change Eugene’s ban?
15. How will this law be enforced?
16. What are the penalties for businesses if they do not comply with the ordinance?
17. How can shoppers keep their reusable shopping bags clean and safe?
18. How can I remind customers to remember to bring their reusable bags to the store?
19. When are restaurants required to stop providing single-use plastic carryout bags?